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Meet Robert Swan

Posted by   admin on    August 24, 2021

Robert Swan has earned his place alongside the great explorers and adventurers that have tested their physical and mental strength to the limit in the planet’s most hostile environments.

As with the great explorers and adventurers in history, Robert Swan is the first man in history to walk to both the North and South Poles. The successful completion of his North and South Pole expeditions marked the beginning of a new phase in his life. On both expeditions, he experienced, firsthand, the effects of environmental damage on the Polar icecaps. This shaped Swan’s lifetime goal – to work for the preservation of the Antarctic as the last great wilderness on earth. He then founded 2041, an organization dedicated to this goal. With his presence and integrity, accomplishments, and reflections, Robert Swan has an extraordinary ability to move people and motivate audiences.

At WiDABi, we are thrilled to be working alongside Robert in the creation of his new website at robertswan.com. Visit the site to learn more about Robert and his lifelong mission to preserve the Polar Regions. 


Photo by Trenton Branson